UNCOMMON KUNES - Not Your Usual Kunekune Pigs!

*Longest running breeding program in North America

*Founders of the Official Registry for the breed in the USA and Canada - The American Kunekune Pig Registry -

Our goal is to RESTORE the QUALITY and TYPE to the Kunekune Pig breed.  We have been able to acheive this by utilizing only those pigs whose conformation and breed characteristics exemplify the Kunekune Pig imagined by the Maori peoples of New Zealand.  While our breeding program is genetically diverse, it is extremely important to utilize bloodlines and individual pigs that possess the correct type and strongest genetics for that type to pass onto their progeny.  Behold the beauty....... 

Available as of update:  February 19, 2015

 Litters on the ground now:

Everett X Dorset:  Mahia Love/Rona X Jenny/Mahia Love

Boudin Noir X Sweet Sister:  Boris/Aria Giana X Aria Giana/Te Whangi

Everett X America:  Mahia Love/Rona X Jenny/Mahia Love

Bakewell X Gracie:  Mahia Love/Jenny X Jenny/Mahia Love

British X Zoo Zoo:  Andrew/Jenny X Jenny/Mahia Love

British X Plum Pudding:  Andrew/Jenny X Wilsons Gina/Mahia Love

British X Devonshire:  Andrew/Jenny X Jenny/Mahia Love

British X Pomegranate:  Andrew/Jenny X Aria Giana/Mahia Love

British X Bountiful:  Andrew/Jenny X Aria Giana/Mahia Love

British X Providence:  Andrew/Jenny X Jenny/Boris









We Reserve the Right to Retain Any Piglet for Our Breeding Program and to Be Creative in Placing our Piglets with Prospective Buyers.  Thank you for your understanding.


A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to get onto our waiting list or to reserve any available pig/piglet.


Shipping requires a deposit of $375 per piglet at age of weaning which will be applied toward the flight, crate, and health certificate.  If your state requires any blood testing, you will be responsible for those charges.  All fees must be paid prior to shipping unless otherwise agreed.  All agreements outside of our customary policy must be in writing.  An email will satisfy this requirement.


The Grazing Pig

Kunekune Pigs are the only breed of swine known to fatten on grass with so very little needed in the way of supplementation.  Their wide head, dished face, and short, upturned snout speak to their ability and tendency to graze rather than root.


True preservation can only come through utilization of the animal as food creating a demand in perpetuity.  True Kunekune preservation can only come through an understanding of correct Kunekune type which speaks to their purpose as a grazing pig.....