It is our belief that we should all know where our food comes from and understand that it is a serious act to sacrifice the life of an animal to feed one's self and family. Olde Reminisce Farms believes that is is good and proper to raise animals in a healthy and humane way. We further believe in quick and painless slaughter. Being grateful for our bounty, we give thanks to God for each meal. Have reverence for your food.


We sell live pigs for raising as meat for your family, small farm, or homestead.  Prices start at $250 for weaner pigs (castrated).

To purchase suckling pigs, oven roasters, luau pigs, whole hogs for BBQ, finished hogs, etc. or for purchase of any processed pig, please call us to make arrangements for hauling your pig to the custom slaughterhouse.  It is our privilege to serve you.

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Kunekune Pigs make great CHARCUTERIE pigs!



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DECEMBER 19, 2011

It has been our pleasure and priviedge to provide pigs this Christmas season to some of the best known and most respected chefs and restaurants in Southern California, specifically Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Our very sincere thanks go to Chef Paul Buchanan of Primal Alchemy, Long Beach (primalalchemy.com), Chef Greg Daniels of Haven Gastropub of Orange and Pasadena (havengastropub.com) and Chef David Coleman of Michael's on Naples of Long Beach (michaelsonnaples.com) for their purchase of our pasture raised Kunekune Pigs.  We owe a great deal of gratitude to Chef Paul for his support and promotion of the Kunekune Pig herd at Olde Reminisce Farms.  His dedication to the art of charcuterie, commitment to purchasing locally and sustainably, and efforts in educating the public of their importance is exemplary.

Please show your support to these fine chefs and give them your compliments as you patronize their fine establishments.  We need more chefs who see our vision for farming and as they support us we shall, in turn, support them and their goals/mission for creating nutritious and tasty meals from local and seasonal ingredients.

Chef Paul Buchanan - Primal Alchemy of Long Beach, CA

Chef Greg Daniels - Haven Gastropub of Orange and Pasadena, CA

Chef David Coleman - Michael's on Naples of Long Beach, CA


We are experiencing ever increasing interest in the Kunekune Pig for quality meat and fat.  Yes, the current trend among chefs includes the use of the whole hog and that includes the fat.  At Olde Reminisce, we offer our pigs a variety of ORGANIC/NON-GMO feeds which include, but are not limited to, pasture grass, hay, fodder, limited fruits and veggies.  Our efforts are to produce a quality, marbled meat as well as a good quantity of useable fat.  Many chefs in the Southern California area are recognizing the Kunekune Pig as a small rival to the Mangalitsa Pig.  That is quite the compliment!


We are pleased to have had the opportunity to showcase the Kunekune Pig breed at the recent Cochon 555 event in Los Angeles, CA.  Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura of Lindy & Grundy (awesome old-school butcher shop in L.A.)honored us by doing the cut and wrap for the public and sharing the meat with attending chefs from the Southern California area.  Chef Paul Buchanan of Primal Alchemy - Long Beach - snuck to the front of the line and ended up with some special cuts including the head of which he used to make "head cheese".  Chef Paul looks to be our biggest fan.  Thanks Chef!





The Grazing Pig

Kunekune Pigs are the only breed of swine known to fatten on grass with so very little needed in the way of supplementation.  Their wide head, dished face, and short, upturned snout speak to their ability and tendency to graze rather than root.


True preservation can only come through utilization of the animal as food creating a demand in perpetuity.  True Kunekune preservation can only come through an understanding of correct Kunekune type which speaks to their purpose as a grazing pig.....

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