*Utilizing only the best examples of the breed

*Restoration of Kunekune Pigs True to Type and Size

 Supreme Champion USA Mahia Love 42 (Robert Bakewell)

AKPR 0878 "Bakewell"




Our herd sires are chosen mainly for type rather than bloodline.  We utilize only the best examples of the breed, first and foremost, with their bloodline a secondary consideration.  Genetic diversity is important in correcting flaws and can increase hardiness, however, the old adage "breed tight and cull hard" emphasises the need to focus on good pigs for good results.

USA Robert Bakewell, aka "Bakewell"

Mahia Love/Jenny



Our gilts and sows are chosen for beautiful conformation and type, but not without great mothering capabilities such as ease of farrowing, generous litter size, and high numbers weaned.  All of our gilts and sows are gentle and do not mind the attention given to their offspring by handlers or those visiting the farm.

The Grazing Pig

Kunekune Pigs are the only breed of swine known to fatten on grass with so very little needed in the way of supplementation.  Their wide head, dished face, and short, upturned snout speak to their ability and tendency to graze rather than root.


True preservation can only come through utilization of the animal as food creating a demand in perpetuity.  True Kunekune preservation can only come through an understanding of correct Kunekune type which speaks to their purpose as a grazing pig.....

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