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Amalgamation of Breeds is Kunekune

Posted 11/14/2020 8:57pm by Lori Enright.



My research and experience of the Kunekune Pig breed, along with my passion for heritage breed swine, has lead me to believe that the Kunekune Pig is likened to the "Heinz 57" dog breed.  While we think of the Kunekune Pig breed as a "standardized breed" in 2020, the truth is that it is a breed whose varied genetics have created a breed of pig that can be easily altered in a single generation and does present itself in many different varieties of style and character.  We think of the breed as a "head breed" being unusual for its round head, dished face, upturned snout, considerable jowl, and two uncommon fleshy appendages hanging from the lower jaw known as "wattles".  Wattles and the short snout in the Kunekune Pig are perhaps the most different traits when compared to other swine breeds.

As I've spent time producing various litters of piglets having owned every single bloodline that exists in North America today, I often get a glimpse into the ancestry of the breed.  Kunekune Pigs are also unusual due to their varied coloration and patterns, differences in ear set allowed by the Standard, and differences in height, length, and girth.  This has given rise to my recollection of breeds such as the Small White, Middle White, old-school Berkshire, Oxford Sandy & Black, and now the British Saddleback.

This is Galloway.  He is reminiscent of a British Saddleback which gave rise to today's Hampshire breed.  Albeit wattled.  He is a masculine boar, possessing impressive bone and structure, with two large wattles, and owning the stage with striking ebony shine and flash of electric white.  This boar has surprised me in more ways that one and I am looking forward to putting him to gilts and sows of equal substance and type.

Sired by USA Contender (BH Tutaki/Tapeka) over USA Patty Cake (Wilsons Gina/Mahia Love) he is a grandson to Grand Champion USA Bakers Man and USA Plum Pudding.  Some of our best.

I like to offer our best to others to add to their breeding programs.  If you think you'd like to add this kind of quality to your herd, be sure to place a deposit and get on our waiting list.  You won't be sorry.

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