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St. John

Posted 5/25/2020 9:13pm by Lori Enright.

Do you know who Chef Fergus Henderson is?  If not, look him up.  Probably the first time that I had ever heard of him was on one of the shows that Anthony Bourdain was host to.....maybe No Reservations.  He is credited with leading the trend for "nose to tail eating" and wrote a book of the same title.  Lots of years ago...I don't know how many, I named a boar pig after him...and then another.  Fergus Henderson II went to reside at a nearby farm and has sired some really incredible offspring.  One of them was my gift sow, Tea Cozy.  She produced Supreme Champion Tea Kettle.  Recently, my friends, Brian and Teresa Lozano of Lozano Farm, offered me a Fergus son.  I call him St. John paying homage to Chef Fergus and his famous London restaurant located on St. John Street in Smithfield.  I love names...and their reference or meaning.  As I've watched this boar, St. John, I have become completely enamored with him.  He's a thing of beauty...a masculine, beefy boy, with incredible good looks.  Today, I realized something....he's not yet one year old, but he is as large as most my two year olds.  I wish all of my pigs looked like him.  I think I'll breed him to everyone!  Cheers Chef!

Royal Pork

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